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Episode 254: Too Easy

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I mean, she's the Lady of Pain. You didn't really think she was dead, did you? ;)

(If I don't comment on how long it took to do this episode, maybe no one will notice... )

In other news, I should have the next chapter of my ongoing book up soon. (I think I'll post updates in the RSS feed, too, for anyone who uses that.) As a work in progress, I'm still working on long-term plot elements and, after feedback, decided to rewrite a significant chunk. It also got side-lined for a little bit as I "focused" on finishing this episode. Still... this one got a little easier to do as I finally got myself whipped into shape long enough to do it. We'll see how things go from here. Better? It'd be hard to be very much worse, right? Right? *cough*

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