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Episode 252: Mindscape

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You MAY have noticed that the last update was back in early July. As may be obvious, I am having problems getting myself to actually work on the comic lately. I HAVE been working, but a lot of it on my (actually original) fantasy/western/steampunk novel. It's a story I originally wrote in high school, but has been bumping around my brain for a LONG time since. After restarting it two other times, I'm really liking the current incarnation and hope to share it with whoever is still reading at some point. (And maybe find a publisher, but that's a helluva lot harder.) Anyway... this is my rambly way of saying that I'm still working on Planescape, I just can't keep any kind of schedule on it. I know it's kind of been that way for a long time, but this is me really admitting it. I hope you stick around... I will finish this story one way or another!

Next update will be regular comic panels again. Hopefully not QUITE as long a wait, but see above.

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