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Episode 257: Caged Omnipotence

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So, can God make a cage that He can't break out of? I don't know, but his evil wife and the Void beyond the universe can!

I think I said something last time about a glacial update pace... apparently we hadn't seen nothin' yet! Ha...

Anyway... we ARE close to the epic conclusion of this tale. Can I reach it before the heat death of the universe? (Which IS how the Nothing usually does it, by the way!) Check in every so often to find out!
Really, though... I DID work out a plot detail that has been styming me. Also, getting closer to conclusions does tend to motivate one. So I think I can do better than 5 months. (Holy crap, 5 months? Whoever is still reading, I thank you.)
Futher details: I just outlined the remaining story. I believe it will be 11 more episodes (subject to change). So, at the current pace, just five years to go! (Am I joking! You don't know! Neither do I!)

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