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Episode 110: Call me Frd'gl'fn'd'pq'zter

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New Project Stuff!
Per my previous mention of a new entertaining-type project for you all (see last week's post below), we have a new comic for you all to enjoy! Just to be clear, Planescape isn't going anywhere, and it shouldn't be any slower updating than it usually is. Because, well, click the link and you'll probably be able to guess why!
WARNING: If you don't want to read any Harry Potter spoilers, then don't click the link to: Harry Potter Comics!

In case you're wondering, Temperance Societies have been around for a long time. They were the big advocates behind prohibition of alcohol in the U.S. back in the 20s and early 30s. So, Findellinia is (well, was) a teetotaler before Goronkodar dunked her.

Not so long as I usually manage... but I think you've all been waiting long enough! Plus, I have actual work I need to do this week, too. What's up with that, I ask you?! In other news, I'm working on another little entertainment-type project with my brother (shouldn't shunt any time from Planescape that I don't already fritter away) that I hope you'll all enjoy. Details coming soon!

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This comic parodies aspects of TSR/Wizard's of the Coasts Planescape AD&D campaign setting under the Fair Use clause of U.S. copyright law. All images are the creation of the author except where otherwise credited.