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Episode 23: Don't Get On His Bad Side.

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So, The End.
Nah, I'm just kidding ;). Since when do the heroes die in giant explosions? Never, that's when.
So anyway...
Woo! Back on track, more or less. I went a bit crazy with this comic. The images including tally about 6 full pages of drawing, I made them really, really big. Normally, I try to get more than one pic on the same page to save paper and drawing time and all, but the action seemed to call for big, even if I did end up shrinking them on the actual page.
Incidentally, I think I'm going to upgrade the comic site a tad, at least make the voting buttons more obvious, maybe even make a vote incentive. And while I'm on the subject, vote! And post on the forums or send me an e-mail or something! It's nice to get feedback.

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