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Episode 235: Bluff Check

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Putting those story-telling skills to good use there, Milny! (though of course she gets a circumstance bonus for mostly telling the truth here).

So... I am getting married this month! (She has posted a few times on the tagboard, if anyone's noticed!) The plannings have been distracting my attention at various times, so maybe, just maybe, Planescape might get a BIT faster afterwards. In either case, I will attempt to get another episode done before the actual event (on the 27th), or at least before we go on our post wedding roadtrip!

Patreon Update! So, we're up over $20 an episode, thanks especially to one very generous reader! That means the tagboard will be getting an upgrade very shortly. And, for good measure, I'll be upgrading the Harry Potter one, too. (EDIT: They have been upgraded! Enjoy the 1000 character limit and eventually some custom smileys!)

As always, thanks for reading! And if you'd like to do a bit more than that... you are extra awesome.

And thanks again to those contributing!

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