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Episode 42: Ancient Names of Power

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Wow, getting to be a lot of news attached to this episode, heh.
Episode 6 is revised and colored!

I finished coloring and revising Episode 5. I think I'm going to try and finish the new versions of Eps 6 & 7 tonight (and/or tomorrow), and then try to finish the new Episode 43 for Thursday's update.
I also added links to the old versions of the comics at the bottom of the respective episodes. So, if you want to reexperience the pain of my original versions, or just want to see how horrific the comic used to be, you can! ;)

New Comic
Today's update is a backdate! "Gwuh?" you ask? Well, in my recoloring efforts, I became increasingly annoyed at the rather confusing plot towards the beginning of the comic. Problems such as these can only be massaged later to a certain point, but it's much easier to explain things when they happen. And I think it makes for easier reading, too. So what did I do? I created Episode 4.5!. It takes place between episodes 4 and 5 and serves to explain Sigil's factions and more about how our heroes actually ended up travelling together.. The dialog for episodes 5 and 7 are also now altered to match the fixes.

I will attempt to create a "new new" episode as soon as possible as well.

Did I say this would be up Thursday? I meant Friday. You shouldn't listen to the evil Travers. He's deranged and such.
In other news, I upgraded to a super enhanced tagboard. That means no more pop-ups!! Do the Black Mage!

(So feel free to comment/compliment/even complain!)

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