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Episode 253: Fight Back

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Wow, so last year at this time I thought I had a good plan to speed up updates. It... didn't work out. I don't have a new plan to announce. I'll just try not to suck on updates so much this year as I did last year. Cause, like, wow.

In other news! I've posted up the first chapter of the book I've been writing, since, well, high school. TECHNICALLY that book was actually finished and I decided to write the entire thing over again from scratch (with considerable changes), mostly because I don't suck quite as much as a writer as I did then. (Way to talk myself up, right?) The orignal tale was kind of standard fantasy; the new incarnation mixes fantasy, westerns, steampunk, and some domesticated dinosaurs for good measure. These are the
Steam Dragon Chronicles! Book 1: The Axiom Gauntlet.
So yeah, if that sounds cool (and it better!) Chapter 1 is available here!

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