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Episode 238: Deific Debate

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Happy Birthday to zuradin (tomorrow, that is)! I DID manage to get it done in time.

I've been avoiding assigning blame for the slow updates to anything besides my incredible ability to procrastinate. But really, I've been really feeling it's had an awful lot to do with the loss of my plot outline to an encrypting virus about a year ago. So, priority for me Planescape-wise will be finally recreating that outline. It's kind of weird, but actually writing it all down made it harder for me to remember the thing, which subsequently has made it rather difficult to recreate. That led to the last year of episodes all feeling like I had to force them all through a giant writer's block. But some new, better ideas have finally started forming, and I think I can pull it back together. We'll see! Thanks for reading through all the ups and downs. I'm glad the story is compelling enough to keep at least some people checking in!

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