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Episode 100: Birth of Pain

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Hey, here we go! I actually did it! Episode... 100. Wow. Let the rosy glow waft around a bit... there we go.

Anyway, sorry that even the estimated schedule has been, well, non-existent of late. I've got a few other projects taking up time and sometimes it's just hard to sit down and just, well, draw.
But, thanks you to all you loyal folks for sticking with me anyway. And through 100 episodes! Whether you've been reading since the inglorious black and white beginning or just tuning in, I'm glad to have you. Now the big question is... how many episodes will the whole thing take? Guess we'll have to wait and see!

Next up will be a new chapter image cover and then Ep 101. I expect to be getting back to the Planars in that one, if I can wrap certain things up in an economical number of panels...

Well, geez. I guess I need to stop promising updates within certain periods of time, because apparently that just encourages me to miss said periods of time. By like, a lot. This time the blame rests largely on rescripting (or what passes for scripting for me) and redesigning my planned panel layout. I finally have a good plan, I just haven't drawn it. But I'm getting there! In the meantime, here's the first few panels. Hope they tide you (very patient and wonderful) folk over for as long as it takes me to actually finish. (Estimated completion time withheld for the reasons stated above)

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