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Episode 130: They Don't Call Him God for Nothin'

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It's a little hard to tell, but Aoskar's punch is denting Delia's armor there.

I may delay next week's update, as the 9th is my birthday. I'll let you know if the schedule changes! The primitive "art" vote incentives from my old sketchbook will continue daily through March!

One little anecdotal thing, too... these more frequent updates make me feel less beholden to rushing the story... so I can do a panel of Varlan sheathing his sword, that I probably would have glossed over when trying to make up for a long wait. (Not that I'm trying to make things take forever, but just a bit more balanced) Do you all like the pacing a bit better? I think I sure do.

Copyright 2005-2009 by Travers Jordan

This comic parodies aspects of TSR/Wizard's of the Coasts Planescape AD&D campaign setting under the Fair Use clause of U.S. copyright law. All images are the creation of the author except where otherwise credited.