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Episode 162: Not Crazy

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Hm... not sure I've got the hang of a text update here, as I think I ended up with almost as many regular panels as usual. But, hey! Look at the date... it's only been a week! Woooooooooo!!!!1

Incidentally, this comic explains Dark Energy, Dark Matter, the reason for the Expansion of Space, and the Big Rip hypothesis.
To sum up those rather dry and sciency articles, basically Scientists believe that the Universe is expanding (ie, the empty space between objects is growing larger). They also believe this phenonenom is accelerating. If it accelerates enough, the gravitational bonds of atoms would also eventually break down, shredding them to pieces. (This is one of several end of time scenarios.
Also, there's a lot of matter and energy "missing" from the Universe (how exactly they determine this is beyond me, but it involves lots of math). This matter/energy is essentially "cold," which makes it difficult to observe. So, if a lot of matter has been shredded already, and is being attracted towards the edge of space by Dark Energy, then they've just described the Nothing.

Guess I just reconciled all the problems with general relativity here. The universe is expanding because Dark Energy is actually a sentient force out to destroy all life and it's being directly fed the matter/energy it needs to do so by God's ex-wife. Yep. (The best part is, I think it totally works)

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