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Episode 170: Editorial Opinion

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Scruggs Style is the popular finger-picking playing method invented by Earl Scruggs that is basically iconic of bluegrass. Betcha didn't know that he first recorded this method in 1946! (Do you suppose he ever guessed it would be used as a sound effect?)

Also, yeah... I do not care for 4th Ed. D&D. I started with D&D Basic, moved up to 2nd Ed, and was slowly talked into 3rd. The best part about 3rd Ed. is the customizability of characters, especially for multi-classing and optimizing. 4th Ed. doesn't allow that, instead funneling you into archetypes that more closesly fit a lot of MMOs. Now, the big argument you hear from folks is that it's okay, you can just not update YOUR game to the new edition. And that's fine. The problem Ihave is that 4th Ed. is the "official" edition, which means computer games I like (like the Neverwinter Nights series) would be based on it. And guess what? Neverwinter Nights 3 will be 4th Ed. Which means I won't be buying it. Ah well... I play too many computer games anyway, I suppose.
(incidentally, if anyone also plays Lord of the Rings online, I have characters on the Arkenstone server! And yes, one of them is Milny. Level 65 Hobbit Burglar!)

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