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Episode 172: Yub Nub

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This may be thought strange, but I am actually a big fan of the Ewoks. Oh sure, people complain about primitive teddy bears defeating the Emperor's best troops, blah blah. But I think it's kind of like the Lord of the Rings, really... the insignifcant short little beings that the evil overlord didn't even consider a threat led directly to his undoing. And that's awesome. The movie also has the best space battle of them all, and Vader's redemption is I think one of the best scenes every filmed. Though I'd probably agree that Empire Strikes Back was probably the best Star Wars movie (dialog-wise, anyway), Return of the Jedi is my favorite. Unremastered, that is! Yub Nub.

On a slightly related note... in the Silmarillion (the massive prequel history to the Lord of the Rings), Middle-Earth is sometimes known as Endor. So... do Ewoks live on Middle-Earth's moon? And are they related to hobbits? And if no fanfic author has realized this, then, well... I suppose I've laid down the gauntlet.

(Last note... in case you didn't know... Comic-Cons actually do often use guys in Stormtrooper suits for security)

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