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Episode 205: Handy Feature

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I think I spoiled everybody with 3 (basically) on-time updates in a row. If you're wondering how Milny can decapitate a neck that thick with one-hand, don't forget she picked up a Belt of Giant Strength!

Since some of you wonderful fans are fellow role-players, I thought you might enjoy a little breakdown of this recent combat. (I should note, this follows the combat rules for our system, which is d20 based, but not D&D.)

Surprise Round:
Action 1 - Orange Slaad jumps the gun on the surprise attack and attempts a leaping knockdown attack. Miss!
- Milny: Attack of Opportunity (AoO) with Agile Riposte. Hit!
- Milny: AoO for a failed knockdown. Hit! Orange killed.
- Other Slaad were out of position and can't attack this round.
Action 2
- Orange: dead.
Action 3
- Orange: still dead.

Round 1:
- Pink, Milny, Red, Green, Purple, Blue, Brown
Action 1
- Pink: Charge Attack! Critical Miss. Out of position for one action.
- Milny AoO: Miss.
- Milny: Three Round Burst. Two hits, 1 miss. Green is killed.
- Milny Off-Hand: Hold action.
- Red: Hold action.
- Green: Dead.
- Purple: Tongue Disarm attack. Hit! Milny fails opposed Strength check, gun disarmed. Purple catches it.
- Blue: Tongue Disarm attack (copycat). Hit! Tie on opposed Strength check.
- Brown: Flanking attack + Off-hand (bite). Milny spends 8 Energy for bonus action. Attempts Jump to dodge.
- Opposed Jump check vs. Brown's main attack roll, bonus to Milny from Blue's disarming attempt. Milny wins and is yanked forward out of range. Both attacks miss.
- Brown: Reflex check to maintain balance, failure. Brown loses next action and takes scraping damage. Milny's weapon is entangled, so she can't Agile Riposte.
- Miny Off-Hand: Weapon Special: type conversion. Opposed Dex allowed to regain weapons, main-hand regained. Off-hand still contested.
Action 2
- Pink: Moves back into melee range.
- Milny: Called shot: Neck. Critical Hit! Triple damage, also vorpal decapitation. Blue slaad killed. Off-hand sword regained.
- Red: Still holding actions.
- Green: Still dead.
- Purple: Skill check: Investigate. Success! (May use gun on next action)
- Blue: Dead.
- Brown: Lost action. Regains footing.
- Milny Off-hand: Called Shot Head (Throw attack). Hit! (double damage for headshot) Purple killed.
Action 3
- Milny: free action: Intimidate. Siginificant situational bonuses. Success?

Elapsed time from start of combat: Approximately 30-40 seconds. (I didn't roll any of the actual dice, so the Initiative count is just estimated).

Copyright 2005-2013 by Travers Jordan

This comic parodies aspects of TSR/Wizard's of the Coasts Planescape AD&D campaign setting under the Fair Use clause of U.S. copyright law. All images are the creation of the author except where otherwise credited.