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Episode 207: Mother's Day

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Ok, so the last time some god-types showed up in the comic, some mentions of favorite deities appeared in the comments, so I'm still taking some requests for the next deific appearances!
To the survivors' pantheon, we now have Zeus, Hercules, Thor, Lathander, Reorx, Arvoreen, Elistraee, and Olidammara. I'm also thinking maybe Shiva or Kali. (Evil deity requests may show up in the Nothing's ranks as well). For process of elimination, the confirmed dead deities include: Bahamut, Gzemnid, Bane, Gruumsh, Hermes (Mercury), Odin, and an elven god who I didn't explicitly name.

Torin's Dad (well, the illusionary hallucination of him, anyway) showed up a here!

(I also made a couple small changes to the last episode, notably Amethyst's eye color and the celestial ranks)

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