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Episode 21: Wanton Violence!

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Well, it's a day (and more) late, but this one was a doozy. Check out that last panel. Oh, yeah. It's like, drawing the Marvel Way! Or something like that. Anyways, I will try to have the next comic on Thursday (like it's supposed to be) but we'll have to see. Just having Torin swinging the sword into stationary heads isn't TOO hard, but large battle scenes take a little more time. Anyway, I'll post it when it's done, that is, I won't put it off till Monday if I miss the Thursday date. So come back and check!
Incidentally, I've added a lot to the About Page, so if something is confusing you in the story, maybe the answer is there!

I caught a friggin' cold... and I'm going out of town over the weekend. So it looks like I won't have another comic until Mondayish. Sorry :(
On a happier note, I fixed the glaring typos in the June 13th and June 23rd comics... they kind of made it hard to understand what the heck was going on. Should be clearer now.

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