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Episode 216: Little Drummer Boy
(Make sure your speakers are on!)

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Holy cow... in hindsight, imagining I could get this one done in the 4 days before Christmas was frankly ludicrous. It's over 26 panels long. Thus, I think this is the single longest episode of Planescape I've ever done. Not to mention editing the song, too, because trying to extend the comic to 3 minutes would have made my arm fall off.

I'm looking at getting the video uploaded to YouTube, but for now, here's my slightly deficient homemade player. Unfortunately, I'm as yet unable to determine an If/Then conditional for determining whether the video is playing or paused, so I couldn't create a Play/Pause button during playback. If anyone knows the syntax for that, it'd be awesome. I'll probably also create a non-video version of this for folks who don't like to use their speakers. But not just now... I need to take a break.

(Oh yeah, here's the original full song, sans the demon fighting: Little Drummer Boy (Perfect Version).)

Anyway, hope you all had a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year, too! Planescape will actually turn 9 years old this year! I mean, whoa, right? ("How come there's only 216 episodes then?" "Quiet, you!")

In other news... I did promise an update on the side project I've been involved with for several years! (If you read Potter, too, you've already seen it, though!)
The Quest for Bunny Island was a joint project by my whole family. The primary writer was my Dad (who also edits the comics!) with contributions from the rest of us. Also, I did most of the illustrating! You can read Chapter 1 for free and view the illustrations on the website (plus bonus material!). The book itself is available via PayPal for 11.95 + shipping. Are you thinking Christmas yet? Because you should be ;)

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