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Episode 222: Callbacks

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Now, SOME people might say that Archimedes power of narration breaks the fourth wall (whatever of it is left standing after some of the shenanigans I've had going on, anyway), but is it really any different from Mumm-Ra being able to spy on the Thundercats while they're eating dinner? Of course not. It IS, however, marginally less creepy. (I'm looking at you, Mumm-Ra, Skeletor, Shredder, etc.!)

Incidentally, Planescape is now successfully moved to its new server (! If you happen to notice any missing images, please let me know.
This is all part of a revamp that will turn my mostly-unused personal site into a hub for the comics and other projects. We'll (my brother and I, who co-authors Harry Potter Comics with me) also be hosting another comic drawn and written by a friend of ours once I get her site for it put together and my domain names finish transferring. I will say that it's an entertaining comic, and it will hopefully be able to distract you from my rampant Planescapey lateness. Mysteriousness!

Copyright 2005-2013 by Travers Jordan

This comic parodies aspects of TSR/Wizard's of the Coasts Planescape AD&D campaign setting under the Fair Use clause of U.S. copyright law. All images are the creation of the author except where otherwise credited.