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Episode 231: Birthday Wishes

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I wouldn't worry TOO much, Archimedes. That isn't the first time something like this has happened.

So... remember last update, when I said the anniversary was on the 20th? I was insane, apparently, because the 21st is the actual birthday. I really don't know what happened to me there... I was probably up too late. But wow, yeah! Happy Birthday! Ten years... how the hell did that happen? And I'm curious to hear from anyone who can remember... when did YOU start reading?

And in other news... I have finally bitten the bullet (That's probably the wrong analogy, but hey) and signed up for a Patreon account! For those who haven't heard of it, it is basically a service whereby you fine readers can (at your option) pledge actual, real money (digitally) for each update of the comic that actually happens. The comic will still be free to all, but there will be bonuses for people pledging certain amounts. (And I can add more reward levels... ideas are welcome for that as well!) My goal here is that the siren call of cold hard cash and honest to God capitalism will incentivize my comic production and get you fine folks more than an update once a month. You can pledge any amount (I think... probably a dollar minimum. Patreon gets 10% of everything.) So yes! You can click the link above or the little picture of Milny I've helpfully added to the left column for more information.

So... as always, thanks for reading. And if you'd like to do a bit more than that... you are extra awesome.

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