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Episode 25: Super Interactive Not a Distraction Comic!

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This episode was recolored from the original.

There, now all the episodes featuring our favorite prime heroes are in color. Now I just need to go back and color all those others... aiee. But anyway, I did some minor dialog revisions here, too, to make sure it all fits in with the prologue. I did have to refrain from beefing Tommy's armor much better, too, because of how it appears in the next ep. But ah well. Oh, and if any o' you aren't running flash, you can see the non-flash (minus the pop-up bonuses) version here.

So, it's late and all, but I wanted to try something new on this one. In case you haven't discovered it yet, you can click special spots on today's comic to see bonus, plot stuff. Enjoy! Incidentally, this will mark the first time I have a vote incentive, which I will be uploading after I eat dinner. The incentive is another comic thing from quite a while ago... never was on the web or anything, but amusing anyway.

Copyright 2005-2007 by Travers Jordan

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