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Episode 27: Ow.

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Back to our regular heroes! But what masters is Merrel talking about? Could that have something to do with our foray into those other guys? Maybe? Is the author just a raving lunatic? Tune in next time to maybe find out!

And the site gets a facelift! Hope it looks all right. I certainly like it better, though I'm not sure it has "it" yet. But in any case, if I can defeat my writer's block, there shall be a comic come Thursday!

Well, as the shout box has indicated, major upgrades have been taking place. Namely, I've been colorizing and shading past episodes. It's a bit time consuming, but, at least in my opinion, oh so worthwhile. It does take time, however, so look for past episodes to be slowly colored over the coming weeks and months. New episodes will also be in color on the current schedule (maybe I can be a bit more on-time, heh, we'll see) so enjoy!
Also, over the last week, this comic has jumped from ~1500 out of 4500 on to 506. So a bit thanks to all you readers! Now... the only things left to do besides continuing to read is vote and comment on the comic ;) Thanks!

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