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Episode 32: So where's the punchline?

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And a new vote incentive?! Wowee!

There! I did it!
"But this one isn't funny," you say? Well, they can't all be. Or something. Actually, this one is meant to be dramtical, cause I'm finally explaining the whole "thing" behind the story. So, there you go. But don't worry! We'll be funny again! Or try to be ;)

So... you probably noticed all that black space. That's because I didn't finish this one yet.
I know, it's taking me forever. Well... I had to scrap my first drawings for it because, well, they looked bad. Really bad. Also, I've been dealing with car stuff this week... ugh. But I finally do have a vehicle again, so that's one burden off my back. Now I just need to somehow get my other car doing... well... something other than sit at the mechanic with two transmissions in the trunk.
But enough about that! Should be lots of violence in this episode once it's done. With any luck, I'll finish it before the next update so I won't have to skip that. I'd really like to stick to my schedule a bit better.
But anyway! Enjoy!


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