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Episode 36: Bad Plan

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Well! This has been an eventful set of weeks.
First off, I've been lax on the updates. Sorry. Had a lot of Christmasy stuff going on, along with a big focus on completing another project, the Star Wars prequel rewrites that I've mentioned on here before. They're not ALL done, but Episode II is. So, if you like Star Wars, check it out! I'm rather pleased with them.
Secondly, I hadn't mentioned this anywhere, but I decided to go ahead and get a domain name for the comic, which now sort of works. It is It currently doesn't work without the www, but I expect that will be fixed soon. The comic will continue to be accessible at the current address.
But it was getting that domain name that led to the recent weirdness some may have noticed. The comic was briefly rerouted to (via an apparent typo on the DNS server, and then wasn't pointing at anything at all for the next almost two days. I was feeling a bit frustrated at all that, but it's all worked out now, so all is well. I didn't suddenly disappear!

So anyway, read, enjoy, comment. I will try for more frequent updates this year! ;)

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