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Episode 4: To thicken plot, just add flour!

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This episode was recolored and revised from the original.

It's interesting going back and coloring these. First off, I must resist the temptation to redraw entire scenes. But I can't resist adding additional dialog, etc. if need be, as old readers will no doubt notice. These revisions should make things clearer, is the plan. I am now planning an episode 4.5, along with revisions to Episode 5. I'll probably have to update both of those at the same time, but we shall see...
Incidentally, I'm still waiting for someone to ask me about that walkie-talkie in a medieval setting. There really is an explanation. Really!

I keep thinking the next comic won't be so long... and then it's longer. Heh, enjoy.

Copyright 2005-2007 by Travers Jordan

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