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Episode 44: Makin' a Splash... Panel

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So... I think I know what my problem is. I don't like deadlines. Now, in work or school, see, I could procrastinate for awhile, but eventually the deadline would come up and I'd have to work like crazy to finish in time. But with the comic... since it's my deadline, I just keep saying "well... I'll get it done tomorrow" and it continues on. So... the solution may lie in just getting more grief for being late! So let me have it! Bug me when I don't update on time... or for a month! I should say, though, that this wasn't ALL my fault. I really did get horrificly sick for a week, and that wasn't fun. But anyway...

You've surely noticed that despite having to wait... 3 weeks? (Argh, no, it IS a whole month!) I've only produced a single panel! But it's a big panel. Actually, I was intending to do a larger one, but as I was doing this scene on the computer, the first two panels merged so nicely (the long distance town shot and the foreground shot) that I went with it. And I still want to meet my goal of hitting 50 comics by the comic's one year anniversary, so saving the primary punchline here makes sense! See? Anyway... next one should be longer. Now, I just need to LIGHT MYSELF ON FIRE and maybe I can make 6 comics in 3 weeks... (cross your fingers)

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