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Episode Good Ol' 52: Pastries of Doom

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This one ended up being LONG! But I'm pretty happy with it. Lots of drawing, but hey.

June was totally awesome for the comic, thanks to you readers! In addition to over 100 visits per day, there were over 100 votes total on BuzzComix put the comic into the top ten of C.G. (computer graphic) comics! So, not THE top ten list, but A top ten list, so I was pretty stoked. Voting of course puts the comic higher in the rankings and brings more viewers, so many, many thanks for the votes!

(Decided to put newer news below the initial news, because that makes more logical reading sense!)
Two new vote images! Fourth of July Pic and Elera's New Clothes! (I know, I know, but she should really wear something, y'know? ;)

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