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Episode 57: Action!

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Okay, I'm starting to get back into the swing of things!

Once again, I ended up cutting a larger episode into smaller, bite-sized chunks, so I hope you all don't mind. This one is a bit closer to the normal length, though, so that's all good! What should be the finale for this little segment should be next. At the moment, I don't think it'll get chopped up again, but... no, I really don't think it will. It would have worked pretty well to keep this one going, too, but then I might not have finished until tomorrow or later, and you'd all have to wait. And that's bad. So enjoy!

By the way, this and the last episode are taking one of the biggest liberties with Planescape I've ever done. Namely, I've been basically defining (though not telling all of you, heh heh) what the Lady of Pain actually is. Rest assured I've got it all figured out. Maybe eventually you all will get to find out too. Bwa ha ha. But in any case, I hope all you true-blue Planescape fans don't mind too much!

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