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Episode 60: Oh Snap.

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So, this ep especially of the double posting generated a lot of questions. Who is the Witch, really? Why is the Lady communicating with her, something she's never been known to do? Why does the Lady hate the amulet so much? Well... you're all just going to have to wait! Bwa ha ha!

(Please don't kill me)

Guess what? It got over 5000 pixels anyway. So I'm posting TWO episodes instead of one. They'll link separately in the archives after next week's regular update.

Now, was that epic or what? It better have been... I think this whole thing took me around 8 hours of work, lol.

So I finally changed both vote incentives! Buzzcomix now features a new idea I've been working on, to provide somewhat regular installments of the Sigil Daily News, with little anecdotes and jokes related to the main storyline. The topwebcomics vote image I will continue to change now and again with any ol' thing. Right now, it features some fanart I did for Talismen: Return of the Exile a rather excellent comic that probably doesn't really need any publicity from little ol' me, but hey.

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