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Episode 80: Minor Complications

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I debated making this a double update (because the next one should be a good one. Not that this one isn't. I'm rather proud of them panels this week)... but I think I'd rather not burn myself out and end up missing weeks again. Plus, this ep is like, on time! Again!

Incidentally, I finally managed to draw Milny correctly. I went back and fixed her face-on shot in the last ep, because it was so non-Milny looking.

Anyway, you're probably all wondering about DOM, Gerand, Twag, and Telv, so rest assured next ep will reveal their status. Plus, the dramatic return of a favorite character! That's right, that guy with the spiky hair outside the Tanar'ri Tavern is back! (Then again, it could be someone else. In fact that's a lot more likely.)

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