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Episode 82: Legitimate Business Men

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Well, I'm sure you all guessed that my sterling streak of uninterrupted updates was too good to last. But I do have some pretty good excuses! Okay, one good excuse that ballooned on me a bit. You see, July 15th marked the end of the lease at the house my roommate and I were renting. Having lost our third roomie, the montly cost was going a wee bit high, thus new quarters had to be found. I did find something finally, on like the 13th. One crazy weekend (of doom) later, we had managed to pack, move, and clean the old house. Internet was reinstalled amazingly quickly, but phone took forever. Plus, the phone lines in the house had been cut for some reason, so I had to manually reconnect them. Then all my Techno Guy customers who had been busy leaving messages on my phone for about a week all wanted website updates.

Pant, pant.

But now I'm back. And a deluxe length comic is up, too! Big info in this one... I'm hoping unexpected! Also, lots of new fanart came in recently, don't forget to check it out!

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