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Episode 91: The Guide - Magic!

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Happy Halloween!
Sorry of course for the long wait on this update. I've been behind on some things, and unfortunately the comic often has to take a later priority. Plus it's hard to concentrate on drawing some times.

This one hit additional snags as I'd started a non-guide episode, and spent quite a lot of time on an epic scale panel, only to realize that I was already late with the comic and hadn't even finished the first panel, let alone the other epic scenes I wanted to show. So, I figured I'd put that episode off one week and do a quick guide entry instead with a joke I refrained from using last week despite all temptation. Good idea, except it STILL took me another four days or so. Oh well. Expect a super-cool episode before another full week goes by (I hope). I do have a start on the new one after all...

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