1. So, what is this comic?
This is Planescape Survival Guide, a rousing tale of grand heroism and gallant deeds in a-- okay, you got me. They're mostly incompetent. But! They are trying to save the Multiverse from utter destruction.

2. Yeah, about this "Multiverse"... what the blazes is that?
The Multiverse is a collection of Universes called the "Planes." It is here that one finds gods, demons, devils, angels, and some other really weird stuff. It is the setting of the story. What we call the Universe is known in Planescape as the Prime Material Plane. You can see a lot of this info at my About page or also in the first few episodes of the comic! Go read!

3. OK, so I'll give you that one. Now more technical questions! What's up with all those black and white comics?
Well, when I started the comic, I was a lazy person. Now I'm still a lazy person, but I don't like black and white either. Ever since Episode 26, I've been coloring all the new issues. I'm also (somewhat slowly) coloring and revising the old ones.

4. So, I dig this here comicky thing. What should I do?
You should tell me! I love happy comments. I also don't mind bad ones, but I may disagree! But seriously, you can post on the tagboard, e-mail me, or even use the poor, neglected forums!

5. How do you make the comic?
Well, that is accomplished via a number of vital steps. Let's take a look at my usual week:
- Day 1:

  • Finish a comic.
  • Post it up.
  • Show family members.
  • Dad points out numerous typos and confusing sections.
  • Complain that the confusing sections make perfect sense if you just read older comics or understand nuclear physics.
  • Fix typos and numerous confusing sections.
  • Repost comic.
  • Glow in the glory and wait for comments to appear.
    - Day 2:
  • Think about making another comic right NOW.
  • Ultimately put that off, and play a computer game or something instead.
  • Check for comments and vote for my comic.
    - Days 3-6:
  • Play games and also occasionally do real work and stuff while anxiety about having to do another comic slowly grows.
    - Day 7:
  • Realize the next comic is due and really think about starting it all day long. Eventually start working on it at about 10 pm. Am unable to finish on time.
    - Day 8:
  • May or may not post an excuse on the tagboard for lateness. Comic eventually finished within a day or so.
    - Lather, rinse, repeat!
    Aren't I productive? ;)

    6. I'm out of questions.
    That's okay. The author wants to eat dinner anyway, and since Frequently Asked Questions are generally just those questions that one ASSUMES will be frequently asked, this is all you new readers get for now.

    7. But maybe more will come?
    Hey! No more questions! But well, yeah. If I think of anything else or people actually do ask questions.
    8. Okay then.

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