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Episode 111: Portents

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Good golly, I totally lost track of time on this one. I could have sworn until yesterday that I'd last posted just two weeks ago, so I was doing all right, timewise. Guess I've been busier than I realized.

But! I'm hoping you've all been entertained by my new, secondary comic that I've been putting out with my brother! 7 episodes already of Harry Potter Comics, a link for which is also available at the top of the left navigation bar. Incidentally, this episode makes some visual references to a recent previous comic (episode 107), that I think in context is fairly easy to follow, but given the long wait time you've all had in waiting for me to update, a little refresher may help! Thanks for sticking with me, everybody!

Oh yeah, one more thing... the folks over at Wikipedia recently decided that my External Link in the Planescape entry shouldn't be allowed because it was self-promotion, blah blah, etc. I gave them my arguments for it's inclusion, ie. only active Planescape comic on the Internet, but they just love trimming their links over there. If any of you agree, and want to chip into the argument, the discussion link is here:

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