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Episode 219: On This Day, We Fight

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I almost tapped Independence Day or Lord of the Rings or Henry V for speech references, but I think the Rousing Speech warrants something akin to originality.

I've been rather looking forward to this episode... it was a bit of a doozy to finish, but I'm pretty pleased, I think.

On that note, I used to wonder why the plot of so many shows and movies involve preventing war, instead of, y'know, having one and all the exciting action scenes that come with. Oh sure, you might say morality, or saving lives, or whatever, but the REAL reason is because armies are danged time consuming to draw (or, y'know, expensive with live action). Even when you, *ahem* cheat a LITTLE on the background soldiers. Ah well... don't look for TOO many grand, sweeping shots in the war to come, unless one of you wonderful fans is a master at CGI and has extra time on his hands ;)

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