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Episode 220: One of Those Moments

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Happy Mother's Day!

Got a couple of obscure characters here... Meldur, on the left, has only appeared once, and in a flashback, no less!
His compatriot, who thus far has only been named in my Photoshop layers, is Infernis, better known as Elera's Dad. His horns have gotten a bit bigger, which I should probably mention is NOT due to art style changes. Dun dun dun?

I'm aware my new Next Planned Update text may be a bit like poking a bear... but I once sent Thunt some goblins I drew for fanart (fourth from the left, top row), and then he redesigned his site and took my author credits off the picture. And never bothered to respond when I e-mailed him asking to fix it. So, one of many reasons I'm not particularly sympathetic about his ridiculous nervous breakdown. Which was about being late on updates. I could probably offer him counseling...
Oh yeah, and I'm morbidly curious if this will cause multitudes of Goblins readers to come and send me angry e-mail. Maybe they'll start reading Planescape...

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