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Episode 250: Out of the Frying Pan

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So, this episode (and kind of the one before it) represents what happens when I get into a plot section I neglected to fully plan. That is, they take me a ridiculous amount of time to do because I can't figure out the script or figure out what to draw. However... we're getting back into what I DID plan (mostly... might be one more thing I need to figure out), then we should actually be into clear-sailing for the remainder.
Y'know, probably. I'm sure you all know to take my update predictions with a grain of salt.

This update also features the return of the Harmonium Guard that we last saw, oh... in Episode 27, I think. Looking back now, I can't remember why I gave them helmets with crosses for the visors. Probably because it was relatively easy to draw. What I'm ultimately getting at is that unlike some other stuff I might toss in from time to time, one should not read any symbology (religious or otherwise) into the Harmonium helmet design. They're just helmets.

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