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Episode 41: Lots to think about

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Well. I said I was going to do it, so I did. Here's an episode that should explain the plot just far (with the exception of the other group, since Elera doesn't know about them, but I think that's OK.) A lot of the comments I've received have expressed some confusion as to the state of the plot, ie, what the blazes is going on, who is that, where are they, etc. So there it is. I hope it's as effective as I want it to be, lol.

On another subject! We briefly made it to the Top100 on! If you're one of the many people my hit counter says came here because of that and other topwebcomics links, welcome! Hope this episode will bring you up to speed, though reading the archives should help too ;) Please vote if you can, its quick, painless, and it means more people see the comic.

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