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Episode 47: What?

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Well. Back to the plot!
It may interest you fine folks to know that, excepting the first panel, I drew this episode entirely on my computer, cutting out the whole sketch, scan, trace in Fireworks steps. It is easier in some ways to do it this way, but then again, some things are really hard to draw with a mouse. So my scanner will likely see some action yet!

Incidentally, thanks for all the votes last month! I obviously can't track it, but I suspect somebody was voting daily. So thanks! I won't say no if you keep it up! :)

And one more thing, it seems that the comic has been found entertaining by Italians!. At least, their Magic: the Gathering-themed message board is all in Italian. But I went and found an online translator, and it seems they're saying good things, so I'm all happy. And, if you folks from that message board are reading this, thanks!

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