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Episode 48: [Insert Sarcastic Comment Here]

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One more little thing... since so many of my hits are coming from Firefox users, I thought it would probably be a good idea if they saw the layout correctly. For some reason, that blasted Firefox doesn't like alignment settings embedded in paragraph tags, so I had to go through the archived pages and insert 'center' tags instead. But it's all good now.

See? Starting to see some plot intersectifying?

These episodes leading up to 50 have been giving me a headache, of sorts, because of the way I want them to all line up. I want Episode 50 to reveal some thus-far unseen plot point, but, in order to do so, I have to set things up correctly. Hence, I have to leave our heroes in Sigil for a couple of eps because their next plot arc goes on for awhile but will also become related to this one.


Maybe I should just draw the comics and let you see what I'm talking about then, eh?

Anyway... oh yeah, I just remembered the thing I DID want to put in here. I recently updated the comicgenesis wiki for this comic, so it's all nifty looking now. Also, you may have noticed that the update schedule thing switched to "Weekly" instead of "Monday and/or Thursday." That way, I don't have to be late all the time. Or feel like I'm late. Or something. Anyway, I'll stop rambling now.

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